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Once again, this guy deserves the title of best online hgh seller. He is very polite and does his best to comply to everything the customer asks of him. Also very important to note he was well recomended by TP as GTG for HGH. For those who don't know TP is the original Meditrope seller and has been on the market for more than 10 years. Sadly, TP isn't that much of a good seller, I've had 720UI of HGH seized and no reship or refund and packaging was probably very poor in stealth, so this new source at [email protected] is your best choice at the moment.

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Excellent communication! Seller responds to e-mails the same day or even after only a few hours, in most cases. The longest I waited for a reply was three days (happened only one time as he had too many orders at once). Always very polite and obviously trying to help his customers on whaterver they need.
Livraison et emballage
This is where and when this guy proves to be the best online HGH seller I've ever seen. My country has tough Customs so I asked for lots of changes in packaging, in order to ensure steatlh. He complied to all of my requests and delivery happened in less than 15 days after shipping, which is just unheard of in my country. No fees or taxes whatsoever. Over the last 10 years I've tried lots of different HGH sellers, having had almost all of them seized, this is the first guy who can actually ensure delivery to whichever country.
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Meditrope HGH (black tops) x 3kits (30 vials)
Qualité et efficacité des produits
I haven't got the chance to get HGH/IGF tests done but from a visual perception the product seems to be working, at least well enought for a generic HGH. I must say I expected more HGH side effects, like tingling fingers, which I've had in the past using Meditropes from another source. Either way, even if the product isn't overdosed, it sure isn't underdosed as well, so a very fair bargain for the price he asks (175USD / kit + shipping).
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